Work Towards Control: The Only Way To Freedom In This World

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Know this: if you are not in control, anything can happen at any time. If you’ve got big dreams, you have to be in control of your life. You have to be a big influence.

A lot of things hang in the balance when you are not in control. What happens if the person who used to give you money suddenly changes his mind? What if your source of income wants you to do some nasty things? If you are not in control, anything can happen to ruin your ideas.

If you’re living in a country like mine, the power company can decide to hold back electricity for days without saying a word to the customers. Businesses that control their own electricity by owning power generating sets are never affected by such occurrences – they are the ones in control of their electricity.

Some people you work for may be those who have no understanding or have refused to have respect for your time. There are people you live with or work for and you can’t have plans for yourself. They control you in a wicked way. You don’t matter in any way. What matters is what they want. It’s difficult for dreams to succeed under such circumstances. You may even give up due to frustration. This is why you need to work towards control all the days of your life. Work towards owning your company; running your business; living in your house; being an influence or powerful voice.

Choose your partner carefully

You must also learn to discern someone who will support you when you marry them. Why discern? Because if you ask them they will promise you heaven and earth. But deep down, they know they are narcissists, politicians, or not just cut out for big things. If you make the wrong choice, you’ll get married to the wrong person and that will be the end of your dreams. Suddenly you are 50 and you realise, “Oh” I never owned that company I always thought of. “I didn’t finish school.” “I never rose to that level in my career.” All because you fell into the wrong hands. Don’t make this mistake. Choose your spouse prayerfully and wisely. Love is not always right.

Things that put you in control

If big dreams must come to pass, you have to be in control of a lot of things. Sometimes the amount of money you have determines how much control you have at times. When you have the money (or resources, as the case may be) you determine what to fight for and how you fight for it. Lack has caused many to lose their lives fighting for material things. (I’m not saying lack is the primary cause. I’m not also saying you can’t fight for your right because you have money. Please read with understanding.) For instance, I can’t wait in a queue for 5,000 if I know how to use that time to make 50,000. I can’t get killed fighting over a house in the village if I know how to get a land and build my own house. I can’t agree to marry a dream-killing man if I have enough money to take care of myself and enough knowledge to make the right decision.

Wisdom and resources are the things that put you in control. If you have big dreams you have to start working towards control. Here are a few things that can give you control over your life and destiny.

1) God

If you are not carrying the Spirit of Jesus Christ you are not really in control. Remember that if you know your God you will be strong and you will do exploits. Any man who carries the Spirit and favour of God is a man in control. You can declare what you want to see and have them. At other times, a simple prayer can change a lot of things and put you in control of the situation. While you chase your dreams, put God first.

2) Wisdom and Knowledge

If you want to have control, you have to read. You need to gather as much knowledge as you can about life; about the business you are doing. The more you know, the better your decisions. You won’t be able to take steps if you are scared of making decisions. A lot of people allowed wrong things in their lives because they are indecisive.

You can’t make plans and set goals if you have nothing in your head. And in this world, as the Bible rightly puts it, a fool is a slave to the wise. (Provers 11:29 KJV) If you do not know, people will use you. And you can’t know everything in one day. It’s the small additions you make daily. It’s the number of books you read through the weeks and months that make up your knowledge bank. And based on what you know you can make the right decisions. You can decide what to accept or reject in your life because you know what works and what doesn’t.

The 21st-century slave is not the one with fetters on his wrists; he’s the one with chains on the mind.

3) Resources

To be in control you also need money and resources. There’s a good reason a lot of entrepreneurs want to control as many areas of life and business as possible. They want to be the ones producing their raw materials. It gives them more control over the cost of production and the selling price of the produced item. It also makes the company and business model more secure.

If you have big dreams, you need a similar approach to life. Because the more you depend on external sources, the riskier it gets. People can decide to change their minds at any time and put an end to something that has taken you years to build. Some may make demands you’ll never be comfortable with. This is not what you would want.

If you’ve got big dreams, while you work towards them, do what you can to get as much money and resources as possible.

Try to reduce your dependency on external sources for resources. Carefully choose the places you go to for help.

Be careful with people who don’t have respect for your time or pay you too little for your time. Choose your sources of help wisely.

Some people will give you a plate of soup then come back to ask for your birthright in return. Some will help you but take your dignity and sense of self in return, and these are things you can’t buy with any amount of money in the world.

If your dreams must come true learn to work towards control. When you are in control you can keep your head above water, this allows you to see clearly and make the right decisions.

A corrupt government will always make life hard for the people. They only give the people things that cannot get them out of struggle. They can decide to send some incentives now and then but they never do the things that put the people out of hardship. The government says there is no money but just before elections, money, bags of rice, t-shirts, and wrappers will all come out.

They will never protect the rights of the citizens; they don’t make good roads; you can’t get constant electricity; no security; even education is a constant struggle. These things would give the citizens a good life. When they have a good life, they cannot be manipulated by the government to support corrupt individuals without purpose and vision.

This is why anyone with dreams must learn to work for their own money and resources. Anyone with big dreams must work towards control. This way, you can aim as high as you want and you can avoid manipulations from shrewd helpers. Dreamer, keep your head above water!

If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl, but by all means, keep moving. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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