Learn To Return To Base

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This is one of the most important things you’ll have to learn – the ability to touch down and remind yourself of the journey, who you are, and what you need for the journey.

We can’t take away environmental influences. Life will always threaten up to pack. People will always have some kind of negative influence on us no matter how much we try to stay away from bad company. The life on the streets, the things we hear at work, the pressures of life try to cause us to shift. But if you know how to return to base, you will keep going in the right direction.

You will know what decisions to make when you need to make one. Most importantly you will be able to keep your head above water and head for the shores, in the right direction towards your dreams.

It’s about being able to do those things that keep you in the know. Things that keep you fired up. Those activities that help you think properly: that make you able to make the right decisions. It’s about being able to return to things that keep you creative. That’s what I mean by returning to base.

Bad influences come in all forms and we may even pick them up without knowing. Being able to return to base will keep us from losing ourselves. It keeps us in check.

Some of the activities that can help us in this regard are praying, reading, keeping the right company, and listening to the right people. These are the things you do to keep yourself focused, strong, and thinking properly. These are the things you do to have a functioning and creative state of mind.

Even the people you follow on social media are very important. They can help you focus on the right things. Moreover, whatever you focus on, begins to expand. If you focus on small things, impossibilities, you will see more of them and your actions will begin to follow suit. If you focus on big things, like writing a book, breaking a record, making an impact, performing in front of millions, building a company, you will see more of that and even ways to do what you are thinking about. That positive space is just where you need to be and you can help yourself remain there by finding time to pray, read, and listen to the right people.

We live in a very ‘noisy’ generation. Anything that does not align with our purpose is noise. Everything around us can be a distraction. We are exposed to more information in this generation than at any other time in human existence. If your dream must survive and become a reality, you have to keep yourself from bad influences by keeping yourself in the right space.

Things you have around you can be a source of inspiration when you least expect. I know a few times when I get refreshed just by looking through the picture quotes on my phone. Sometimes a person I’m following just goes live and after listening to them for about five minutes, my faith is back up.

What if I didn’t follow them? I possibly would have continued down the wrong path only to realise when it’s too late. Other times a great person I love happens to break another record. Having those things around me has helped me so many times. They help me to see that these things are possible and they give me more strength to work on my dreams.

Other times you have to consciously read, pray, and listen to good things. I recommend you do one or more of these every day. It is a good way to keep your mind alive, focused, and working towards those great dreams your creative mind has allowed you to see. The same things that expose you to noise – things like computers, books, people – can also connect you to the things you need to become great. Make sure you fill your computing devices with good things, read the best books, listen to impactful men, and be sure to keep the right kind of people in your world.

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