Learn To Rest And Play a Little

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You have a dream and you are doing all you can to make that dream a reality. It’s tempting to get stuck in the routine when you are stressed. Every day you’ll find yourself trying to meet a target. It is easy to get caught up in all of that. Suddenly, you no longer have time for fun. It could get so bad that you lose contact with all your friends.

You need to find time to have some fun. Work will never finish. You will always find something else you need to do.

Learn to pack up and go home. Don’t lose your family because of work. You must pay the price if you have to get to the top but I don’t think your family should be part of that price.

Apart from keeping your relationships, you need to give yourself some rest. Learn to ease the pressure.

Emotions, pressure, frustration, can have a negative influence on your thoughts and the way you see things. Creators and thinkers, especially, need time to cool off. If you don’t, you will start creating under pressure – at those times where your mind has lost strength and your brain is not as sharp as it should be. In that state of mind, you can’t think well and you won’t see things clearly.

There are times when you need to push yourself but there are certain occasions where pushing yourself will lead to mistakes and the creation of substandard products.

Be patient enough to take some time off, get rid of the tension, get your strength back, then come back stronger. It doesn’t always have to be a one-month break. You can use a few minutes or an hour for fun.

Find time to watch a good movie or play sports. Make time for exercise too. Exercise is good for the body. It keeps you strong and can increase your focus.

Learn to ease the pressure so you don’t fall into a bad pattern of behaviour – so you don’t fall into normalcy. Pressure has forced many people to lose sight of their dreams and succumb to mere survival. Frustration can make you take actions you find yourself regretting later. So learn to cool off. Don’t miss the chance to make a good joke or laugh at one.

Learn to rest. Make time for fun. You need it and trust me, every dreamer deserves to have some fun.


It doesn’t matter how big that dream may be, you can make it a reality. But you will need to learn to stay strong and work at it until it becomes a reality.

We can compare chasing a dream to swimming. Every dreamer must learn to keep her head above the waters of frustration, distractions, disappointments, wrong behavioural patterns, disbelief, and other dream killers out there.

With your head above water, you can always see the shore and the obstacles you need to avoid to get to it. A clear vision is needed if you must achieve your dreams. The beauty of the destination distracts us from the pains of the journey. Vision is a powerful thing.

I’ve seen many dreamers end up nowhere. It’s mostly because they lost something vital along the way. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. I’ve also seen many dreamers break records and become a blessing to the world. That’s’ how it has to be.

I believe that if you can KEEP YOUR HEAD ABOVE WATER, you can make your dreams a reality. See you at the top!

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