Realise When You Are About To Lose Everything

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Do you remember how we talked about being realistic in the last session? We also learned you can’t become slack because you want to be realistic. You’ve got to see when you are about to lose everything.

It’s like having to stay just below the surface of the water while swimming. In those moments you’ll have to hold your breath. But you can’t hold it till you are dead. Once you sense you are about to lose it, you find your way to the surface and get your breath back. For some reason, you went under, but where you want to be is above the surface.

Something similar happens to us dreamers. There are things we do because we feel we can handle the pressure. Maybe because we think it’s just temporary. But along the way, you begin to get lost. You find yourself changing. You know you can be better. You make plans to get it together but they just won’t come together. Here you are practically watching yourself lose a part of your character that’s needed to achieve the dreams in the big picture. WAKE UP, DREAMER! WAKE UP! You are about to lose everything.

Losing everything may be as simple as losing just one or two things. It may be your ability to read. It could be your prayer life. It could be your faith. It could be a skillset or thinking pattern that’s vital to your success. These are the kind of things you can’t put on the line for anybody or thing. You have to realise when you are about to lose them, and do whatever it takes to have them.

I’ve heard people say I used to write. I used to read. I used to sense this or that. But along the way, they lost that precious ability. And that was the end of the bright future they always dreamed about. Realise when you about to lose it, dreamer. Because that one thing may just be everything.

For me, I can’t give up reading and praying for anything on the planet. Everything other thing depends on those two. I need the right kind of information upstairs to think or come up with ideas and I can’t have them if I don’t read. So for me, when I find myself losing any of those, it’s always a big deal. And I do whatever I can to get it back ASAP. Whatever it is that may be making me to lose any of those is not important enough. It doesn’t matter whether it is a human being or a thing. A good person wouldn’t even want me to lose my “superpowers.” These are things you don’t leave to chance. When you have to make a decision for your future, make them promptly keeping the big picture in view.

You may have a good reason to give up on your dreams, people may have good reasons for you to lose yourself, and they may look good at present. But know this: years after, when you look back and realise you could have been a person of impact in your generation but you couldn’t, you ended up a nobody because you had to sacrifice your gifts on the altar of whatever it was at the time, you will find it hard to forgive yourself.

Learn to check up on yourself. Realise when you are about to lose everything and get things back in order ASAP.

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